Chateau Michel de Montaigne

Since the acquisition of the Château de Montaigne in 1860, the Family
Mähler-Besse, seventh generation owners, are very involved in producing
wines that are a pure reflection of the terroir of their property. Today, the owner of the Château of Montaigne are share-holders of Château Palmer, and manage the wines of their Estate with the same level of quality and expression as they do in Margaux.

The vineyards are on the same soils of the hills of Saint-Emilion and its historical and exceptional terroir, that is enhanced by a vinification of quality with no compromises. The Blanc de Montaigne is made to keep the balance the fatness, the fruit and the acidity of the wine. Aromas of white flowers come through.

The 2020 vintage is in line with vintages like 2018 and 2019 with the same level of quality. Château Michel de Montaigne achieved a balance between the fruit, the acidity and the alcohol, partly due to good weather conditions all through the season. This vintage has a nice nose on the fruit with notes of citrus, melted with white flowers aromas. This wine has a nice sweetness in the mouth with a freshness, that brings a good balance. The intensity of the fruit link to a nice
and long fruity finish for this Blanc de Montaigne.

The 2018 vintage was born under a big mildiou tension and is a vintage of great quality with a perfect maturity. At Château Michel of Montaigne, wines have roundness with a good balance, that will please consumers and will place this
vintage in one of the top vintage of the the 21st century. The color is a dark red with complex and harmonious notes of dark fruit, cigar box and spices on the nose. The mouth is with soft and delicates tannins. The intensity of the fruit and the nice complexity brought by the aging in barrel brings a lnog and elegant finish for this Cuvée Les Essais of the Château Michel of Montaigne.

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