Dauvergne Ranvier

Dauvergne Ranvier chooses not to buy vines, but to associate with winemakers. The winemakers own the vineyard and Dauvergne Ranvier has the know-how, their "knack". This know-how has been acquired during more than thirty years of work in multiple wine regions and with many winegrowers.

As a great restaurateur selects his fruits and vegetables from the growers, Dauvergne Ranvier chooses the grapes that will make up the vintages. They accompany and advise growers throughout the year and, at harvest time, help them determine the right harvest date. They guide as much as possible the vinification in each of the cellars. If barrels are needed to age the wines, they buy them and make them available to the winegrowers.

This way of working is as unique as the wines it produces.

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