Meet founder and owner of Montaigne Imports, Jonathan Nahrgang.

In September of 1987, while studying French language and literature at the University of Bordeaux, I was invited to visit Chateau Troplong Mondot, the fantastic Premier Cru Classé from Saint Emilion, with a group of fellow American students for a tasting and causal lunch. Maybe it was the heat or the wine; I am not sure which was a greater influence. It was at this moment in the village of Saint Emilion when I decided I was going to work in the wine trade. This decision helped set a career course for me that has taken me across North America, the Caribbean and Europe selling wines, meeting and working with many great families and organizations.

Montaigne Imports is the next chapter in my 30 year career in the wine trade. Established in 2018, Montaigne Import’s focus is on French, family owned, estate grown and bottled spirits and wines. My goal is to bring artisan products to the market with the appropriate amount of market support to ensure success for the producer, our wholesale partners, the restaurant or retail client and Montaigne Imports. In short, great products, great families, given attention to ensure success at every level of the three tier system.

Many of our producers have been sold in the US for decades, but with a lack of sufficient attention. Our priority is to maximize the presence of our brands in key markets and to not extend the portfolio until our current partners are succeeding in their market segment. We strive to develop a limited number of brands with our wholesale partners to create solid, durable business for each level of the three-tier system.

The families I represent are passionate, committed to quality and the creation of wines and spirits that are exceptional examples from their region. I look forward to introducing you to my friends and sharing a glass with you soon.