Haut Lorca

Established in 2015 by Bordeaux resident and wine industry veteran, Laurent Barbier, Haut Lorca wines are a reimagining of traditional Bordeaux wines.

Laurent Barbier explains: “Our goal with Haut Lorca was to produce a wine that’s out of the usual standards of Bordeaux, made with ripe fruit, with pure varietal expression and roundness on the palette. The Haut Lorca wines are in a modern style, but one that remains true to the terroir where it comes from. Made from organic grapes, with no barrel ageing, to avoid a standardization of taste. We are looking to express what’s unique to these locations – not just another Bordeaux!

 The soils are clay and limestone terroir, with Guntz’s blue clay inlays. This climate is relatively cool which allows Laurent to preserve the fresh aromatic characteristics and a balance mouth feel, even was picked at full maturity. Organically manage vineyards, located in the higher part of the Fronsac plateau, along the Isle river, tributaries of the Dordogne river.



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