Domaine Mosnier

Since 1893, inspired by the same desire and the same conviction to always do well, several generations of family winegrowers have followed one another and applied themselves with strength and determination to working the vines, and producing wines in pure Burgundian tradition and authenticity.

The estate is in sustainable cultivation labeled HVE 3 : minimal use of phytosanitary products (part of the Dephy group : optimization group of the chamber of agriculture) thanks to tillage and grassing of the plots. The vineyard is more natural, reinvested by numerous insects, a sign of life and biodiversity.

Located at the northern gates of Burgundy, between Paris and Beaune, the estate is located in the heart of the Chablis vineyard, with typical terroirs and climates, which allows us to produce unique and incomparable dry white wines.

This characteristic minerality of their Chablis wines comes from Chardonnay which draws its strength and delicate freshness from the Kimmeridgian soil that appeared 70 million years ago, when the sea receded. It left an this unparalleled nature of soil: an alternating layer of limestone and clay with fossilized marine organisms. When making the wines, Domaine Mosnier tries to respect as much as possible this mineral freshness that the marriage of Chardonnay and the terroir provide.

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