Domaine Laguille, Armagnac

Domaine Laguille is a family-owned wine estate located in the heart of Bas Armagnac, in the Southwest region of France. Owners Guy ad Colette Vignoli produce a wide range of protected geographical indication Côtes de Gascogne wines, AOC Bas Armagnac and AOP Floc de Gascogne.


The Vignolis goal is to reveal the pure essence of the grape varieties’ planted on their estate. The wines are fresh and fruity with a very favorable quality price radio.  


Domaine Laguille is a specialist producer of Single Estate Armagnacs. Colette and Guy Vignoli, 3rd generation of winegrowers, decided in the late 80’s to buy their own traditional Armagnac alembic to be capable of controlling all the steps from the vineyard to the bottle. Constantly trying to improve their methods and facilities, Domaine Laguille crafts Armagnacs that reflect the unique terroir of the Gascony region, the selected grape varieties, and the character and style of the estate.


Learn more about Domaine Laguille here.

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