Maison Turin

Well known globally for its top quality production, France leans on ancestral know-hows. Scattered among passionate and expert hands, this know-how is found in numerous regions within the country.

Maison Turin is located in Limoges, in the heart of one of the most secretive part of France, the Limosin. Well reputed for the diversity of its’ products of excellence, Limosin has built a solid reputation for the mastery of unique expertise. High quality craftsmanship is attained in numerous domains. Every enterprise can lean on the values of the craftsmen of the region. Discretion, humility, courage and the love of well done work typifies the best of them.

Son of a long lineage of distilling liqueur maker, Jean Turin is fascinated by this craft. In 1987, in Limoges, he starts his own business. At more than 70 years of age, he envisions the project of resuscitating and growing his ancestors’ expertise in the art of distillation of fine spirits.

In 2017, 30th year anniversary of the its’ creation and after a brief interlude in other hands, the Turin distillery changed owners. It reacquainted with its original values upon its purchase by Jean Francois and Stephanie Dumaine. The company is now managed by two new generations that have worked in perfumery and high-end spirits.

All the activities are grouped together under the Maison Turin entity. The craftsmanship of distilling, liqueur making, as well as syrup-making become the new focuses of the activity. Choosing in priority natural ingredients and choosing to work them by hand is the company’s philosophical pillar. Thanks to these principals, Maison Turin offers to this day, spirits that are wholly unique.

Maison Turin produces truly hand made liquors, Pastis, Whiskies, Brandies and gins that are exceptional. Real craft, real artisanal products, amazing flavors.


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