Le Clos de Sainte Eugenie

The Ancient Greeks perfected to the highest degree the arts of navigation and commercial trade. Beginning with the 8th century BC, they enormously increased their territorial holdings throughout the Mediterranean. Wherever they established trade relations, including the sundrenched southern coast of France, they introduced two new and valuable plantings: vineyards and olive trees. For this stroke of genius, we owe them an eternal debt of gratitude.

At the intersection of ancient land routes which linked Spain to Italy by the Roman Via Domitia and the Mediterranean to the Atlantic by the Via Aquitania along the river valleys of the Aude and Garonne, the nearby city of Narbonne has long benefited from an extremely favorable trade location as well as the home of quality wine from the adjacent Corbières vineyards. It is in this region where Hervé Gantier sources the grapes for his exceptional Vin de Pays, Le Clos de Sainte Eugenie.

Le Clos has gained a reputation for high quality rosé, the red cuvee and the new white Le Clos at very attractive prices. Based in the village of Puligny-Montrachet Hervé Gantier has built his career on creating wines that offer tremendous value and quality. Le Clos de Sainte Eugenie wines are crowd pleasers offering classically French wines at affordable prices.

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