GRAND C, Alsace

Alsace, the name already tastes of wine. GRAND C produces its crémants and wines in this French wine-growing region, which in addition to the Languedoc has the highest number of hours of sunshine a year in France.


GRAND C stands for Crémant: pure Crémants d'Alsace, which they let ripen for an exceptionally long time. GRAND C stands for wine: cuvées and crus, full of character and unique, which they produce sparkling in Alsace.GRAND C is independent and individual. Respect for tradition as well as a fresh breeze from outside, that inspires us to new ideas that are expressed in our wines.

The makers of  GRAND C are Axel Wulfken and Jacques Cattin. Axel Wulfken was manager of Champagne Moët & Chandon for many years. This experience in the background, the passion for top-class sparkling wines and wines as well as the idea of ​​doing something extraordinary and unique led him one day to the idyllic wine-growing village of Voegtlinshoffen. There he met Jacques Cattin, who is one of the most renowned Alsatian winegrowers and whose crémants and wines have won many awards. An idea became a partnership and in 2009 the first GRAND C-Crémant production finally started.


Only hand-picked grapes from the first pressing are used for GRAND C. At around 24 months, the maturation time on the yeast is significantly longer than the prescribed 9 month minimum maturation period. This gives GRAND C its special elegance and finesse and impresses with a fine and long-lasting perlage.


Learn more about Grand C here. 

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