Domaine Cordier

Domaine Cordier's family-owned vineyards are cultivated with the greatest respect for the grape and in the continuous pursuit of excellence.  Christophe Cordier A "hands on" winemaker and a perfectionist, runs his domaine at the highest standards.

Domaine Cordier, located in the village of Fuissé, currently manages a unique mosaic of over 100 different very fine terroirs, spread over 30 hectares and 8 villages.The domaine invested in 2 superb gravity cellars, fully air-conditioned and humidity-controlled, which meet the high standards of the winemaker and enable high-precision work to be carried out with the greatest respect for the grape. The wine benefits from long aging on its original lees, carried out in 3 aging barrel cellars and 2 cellars containing large barrels named "foudres " selected from the best, very finely textured, French oak sourced exclusively from the best oak forests and toasted in-house.

Christophe is passionate about his craft and seeks to add a new dimension to the wines from the Macon region. He purchases grapes from old vines in the best terroirs, carefully picked by hand at perfect maturity. Due to his roots in the area, he has expert knowledge of the best climates in each village and this, combined with his demanding standards, gives Christophe Cordier wines an inimitable style.

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