Champagne Fluteau

"A great champagne is the fruit of years of knowledge and experience."

Fluteau Champagnes are estate grown: only grapes grown on their vineyards are used to produce Champagne Fluteau. Situated on slopes along the Seine River valley, the vineyard is planted with a majority of Pinot Noir with 15% Chardonnay, ideally suited for the clay soils and cool climate of the Cote de Bars region. They are hands-on growers: at champagne Fluteau they are certified sustainable HVE since 2017.

Housed in the original premises, the winery is a fusion of old and new with the introduction over the years of more modern specialized equipment. They proudly craft every element of our production on-site, from gently pressing the grapes in a state-of-the art wine press, to vinification, bottling, ageing, riddling, disgorging and labeling. 

Visit Champagne Fluteau's site to learn more. 


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